Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Journalfest!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Journalfest!  I've been getting everything ready....

My trades are 4x5 photographs of flowers and journal pages....I tried to think of something that I would love to get....I love using flower photos in my journals and I love getting sneak peaks of other people's journal work....

I've also been loving putting together all of my beloved art supplies and packing up in the new suitcase that I got for my birthday, one that is finally big enough for the purposes of art retreats!  And cute!

I think that I'm all ready, but am feeling a bit anxious about what I might have forgotten!  
Other than that, I can't wait!  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drug store inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere, even in the drug store.  I was stuck in Rite Aid for over an hour, calling and waiting, picking up a prescription.....but there's lots to look at while you're waiting.


Isn't he precious?

Good Morning Lilac Journal

I love the movie "50 First Dates." In the movie, Lucy has memory loss that prevents her from gaining any new memories that last longer than a day.  So her love puts together a movie for her that says something along the lines of Good Morning Lucy and it's for her to watch every morning so that she can remember where she is in her life.  I sometimes feel like I have short-term memory loss when it comes to remembering important insights that I have figured out and I like the idea of having a journal that I look through every morning to remind me of what I've learned and what I'm working on in my life.  So I decided to start a journal for this purpose and I will continue to add to it....

Liberty Local Indie Craft Fair

Last Sunday, I went to Ann Arbor Art Center's Liberty Local Indie Craft Fair.  It was one of the better craft fairs that I've been too.  Here are the treasures that I found: a patchwork checkbook cover with snails (my favorite animal!), a needle-felted pear wallet in fun colors, tangerine and blackberry soap, and a new necklace.