Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home-made Stamps

Inspired by Mindy Lacefield, I made some home-made stamps out of craft foam and a wood-burning tool.  I gel-mediumed an extra layer of foam on so that I have something to hold onto. My lack of wood-burning skill definitely gives it that made-by-a-kid look, but I like it!


Last week I went to the last Artfest and have yet to share photos.  On day one, I took a class with Sunny Carvalho called "Cuff Me."  We learned how to needle-felt and hand stitch cuffs and made paper-clay buttons to add onto them.  Beginner efforts for sure, but it was a fun class!

On the 2nd day, I took a class from Erin Faith Allen called "Soul Portraits" where we combined self-portrait photos with collage and pen-and-ink and more....  I'm in love with using the dip pen now.  Shy about posting journal pages with my photo on it.  I like the first one better, but the 2nd one was less planned which tends to be a good thing.  I also got started on a third page, but have yet to finish it.

And on the third day, I took a class with Mindy Lacefield called  "All A Flutter" or something like that. Lots of fun prompts to create the background and then demos on how to collage/paint birds.  So much fun!   More photos to come of other artwork inspired by these classes! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning

This morning I have been working on cleaning, dusting, organizing, vacuuming everything in my bedroom including my little alter.  Though I lately have a slight aversion to cleaning, I've noticed that when I'm in a room that's clean, organized, colorful, inspiring....that I tend to feel the same way on the inside.  Good motivation for being an inspired domestic goddess!