Monday, May 28, 2012

Aging with Attitude

Today I worked in Merrill's Aging with Attitude altered book....getting ready for our book swap on Sunday!


I took a workshop in Ypsilanti on Saturday taught by Marney Makridakis, author of Creating Time.  She talked about the gods/concepts of Kronos (linear time) and Kairos (non-linear time) and had us create art reflecting the latter.  Here's what I put together:

Today's Journaling

All about healing from PMS!

Journal Pages cont....

Journal Pages from last few months

(Notice the dainty pinky finger shadow that I consciously tried to avoid with each photo! ha-ha)

My Totem Snails

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Journaly Pages

As usual, once I get motivated to update my blog, I start back-tracking to add stuff that I haven't shared yet!  Here are some of my more recent journal pages.

Today's Creative Projects

Here are some of today's creative projects!  I'm taking the online Radian Goddess e-course and one or our tasks was to do a Radiant piece of art work.  I've been wanting to draw/paint more people but put it off because I think I don't know how....but just like I tell my Kindergarten students when trying to draw something difficult, I decided to have fun and try my best!  So that's what I tried today, which is something totally new for me.

Also today I was reading one of Louise L Hay's books.  She writes that lack of self-love is at the root of most people's problems and that one way to work on overcoming this is to say positive self-love affirmations in front of a mirror!  So I decided to create my own affirmation card and keep a tiny little mirror on my alter so that I'll be inspired to practice.  Re-organizing my alter was another creative project for the day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home-made Stamps

Inspired by Mindy Lacefield, I made some home-made stamps out of craft foam and a wood-burning tool.  I gel-mediumed an extra layer of foam on so that I have something to hold onto. My lack of wood-burning skill definitely gives it that made-by-a-kid look, but I like it!


Last week I went to the last Artfest and have yet to share photos.  On day one, I took a class with Sunny Carvalho called "Cuff Me."  We learned how to needle-felt and hand stitch cuffs and made paper-clay buttons to add onto them.  Beginner efforts for sure, but it was a fun class!

On the 2nd day, I took a class from Erin Faith Allen called "Soul Portraits" where we combined self-portrait photos with collage and pen-and-ink and more....  I'm in love with using the dip pen now.  Shy about posting journal pages with my photo on it.  I like the first one better, but the 2nd one was less planned which tends to be a good thing.  I also got started on a third page, but have yet to finish it.

And on the third day, I took a class with Mindy Lacefield called  "All A Flutter" or something like that. Lots of fun prompts to create the background and then demos on how to collage/paint birds.  So much fun!   More photos to come of other artwork inspired by these classes! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning

This morning I have been working on cleaning, dusting, organizing, vacuuming everything in my bedroom including my little alter.  Though I lately have a slight aversion to cleaning, I've noticed that when I'm in a room that's clean, organized, colorful, inspiring....that I tend to feel the same way on the inside.  Good motivation for being an inspired domestic goddess!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

new journal

And here's the new journal that I plan on working in.  This was the one I made at Artfest year in LK Luwig's class.  I've decorated the cover and started working inside it today....

Bursting Open Journal

This week I finished the last pages of my prayer book journal.  Here are some of the latest pages I worked on.  I love how all the pages are nice and thick so that the journal never completely closes.  When I finish up one journal I'm always most excited about beginning another new one! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trying something new...

Wow, when I'm in the mood to update my blog, I really make up for lost time and go a bit overboard.  Last post for now:  I've been experimenting with a different journaling style. First page was inspired by an art class I took where we had to write a haiku based on the image the teacher drew on the board and then work with it to add images.  Working with poetry is not usually my thing, but I ended up really having fun with it.  Second page is definitely inspired by Goddess Leonie's art work and playing around practicing different fonts that I like.  Also inspired by my intention to master the art of happiness (and avoid depression for good!)  I also decided to make a new duct-tape journal for this class I'm taking out of my leftover water color paper and decorate the cover!

Remains of the Day

So my other favorite journal to work in lately is the "Remains of the Day" journal.  It's different from my other journals in that I don't use any paint or gel medium or anything that requires drying time.  I just add words and photos and stickers and tape and whatever else I can fit in it.  It's a good way to use up paper scraps and other things that I've been holding onto... it's much like those smash books I've been seeing at Joanne's that look so fun to work in!  

And even more...

And here are some of the latest pages from my prayer book...