Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Morning Lilac--Remember Your Sleep

Here's a page that I did a while back in my "good morning lilac" journal to remind me of how important it is to my mental health and happiness to get plenty of sleep.

Remains of the Day

So I finally got around to working on the online class "Remains of the Day" with Mary Ann Moss last month.  I made a most fabulous journal that I am only now just starting to fill up.  It's very different from most of the art-journaling that I do in that this one already has decorated background pages and so requires no painting.  I loved finding a good use for all of the cute scrapbook paper and other scrap-booking supplies that I've held onto for a while.

Prayer Book

The main art journal I've been working in lately is the Scandinavian Cookbook that I altered into a "Prayer Book."  I haven't shared all of the pages that I've worked in because some of them feel too personal to share online, but here are a few glimpses....

Monday Prayer Book

The past week I haven't felt all that inspired to work in my art journals...but today I decided to start by writing about that and just go from there....and I ended up creating a whole new spread within about an hour!