Monday, January 21, 2013

Mary Ann Moss

I was reading an article in the ART JOURNALING magazine about Mary Ann Moss.  I find her to be a very inspiring art journaler and have even taken an online class with her where I made this most fabulous journal.  What I didn't know about her, is that she's also a 2nd grade classroom teacher!  She talked about how she goes into work early, so that she can leave school right away at the end of the school day and come home to play with her art.  I want to be better about being able to teach full-time and still have the time (and energy and inspiration) to art journal when I get home.  Today we had a day off for MLK day and I was motivated to pull out my Mary Ann Moss journal to play in.  Tomorrow, I hope I'll make time for art and creativity even after a day at school!

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